How Do I Look Up Alabama & Arkansas License Plates?

How Alabama/Arkansas License Plate Lookups Are Different From Other States

There are many websites that offer “license plate searches” for “free” or for a small one-time fee, however, it’s important to note that those websites (,,, just to name a few), only scan the web for public information, which is extremely outdated. That is also how they are able to offer “instant” results. They do not have an actual person obtaining or validating the data. If the vehicle has been sold or transferred ownership, those other websites may not contain that information.

Alabama is one state that does not share DMV records with public information websites. This means, if you are trying to obtain information on a vehicle with Alabama/Arkansas plates, those “instant” websites will not have all of the information.

So, how do you find this information? The answer is simple, The difference at IntelHawk is that we are comprised of licensed private investigators and have special permission to access Alabama DMV records, normally reserved for law enforcement, and we can guarantee the most up to date results.

Take Todd, for example. He got into a hit and run accident and was able to obtain the license plate number of the vehicle that hit him. Todd went to an “instant” site, claiming they could get him the vehicle’s register owner information. When Todd ran the plate on the website, it only came back with the make and model but no owner information. What good would that information be to him? The website wasn’t useful for Todd because they don’t have accurate, up to date information and now he has wasted money.

Gary almost missed out on filing an insurance claim and police report against the individual that hit him because the information that was reported on an “instant” website was lacking. Luckily, in Todd’s situation, he utilized IntelHawk’s Vehicle By License Plate search and was able to find the owner’s name and address and subsequently was able to file a claim and a police report, leading to a successful arrest.

This is just one of our many success stories and coincides with our mission to provide investigative services to everyone for a fair price and provide you with the information you deserve.

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