How Do I Look Up Someone’s License Plate In New York?

There are many websites that offer “license plate searches” for “free” or for a small one-time fee, however, it’s important to note that those websites (,,, just to name a few), only scan the web for public information, which is extremely outdated. That is also how they are able to offer “instant” results. They do not have an actual person obtaining or validating the data. If the vehicle has been sold or transferred ownership, those other websites may not contain that information.

New York, in particular, as of 2011, stopped sharing DMV records with public information websites. This means, if you are trying to obtain information on a vehicle newer than 2011 or the vehicle you are trying to obtain information on (any year model) has changed owners after 2011, those “instant” websites will not have any of the information.

So, how do you find this information? The answer is simple, The difference at IntelHawk is that we are comprised of licensed private investigators and have special permission to access New York’s DMV records, normally reserved for law enforcement, and we can guarantee the most up to date results.

Take Gary, for example. He wanted to purchase a 1968 Chevrolet Camaro but wanted to do his research first before rushing into a purchase. Gary tried a license plate search on an “instant” website, and received information indicating that the owner’s name was James and that he resided in Colorado, which did not coincide with the information he knew to be true. Gary knew the vehicle had New York plates and that the owner resided in New York, so why was the “instant” site telling him something different? Because they don’t have accurate, up to date information.

Gary almost missed out on purchasing this Camaro for a good deal because of the information that was reported on an “instant” website. He suspected that the classified ad for the vehicle was a scam and that it couldn’t possibly be the one he was trying to purchase because the vehicle he knew of was in New York, not Colorado. Luckily, in Gary’s situation, he utilized IntelHawk’s Vehicle By License Plate search and was able to find accurate and up to date information.

This is just one of our many success stories and coincides with our mission to provide investigative services to everyone for a fair price and provide you with the information you deserve.

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