Why You Need An SSN For Child Support

Alyssa was owed more than $7,200 in back child support from an elusive noncustodial parent (AKA deadbeat dad). Alyssa was working with a state caseworker in order to try and locate the deadbeat parent and receive the funds she was entitled to. She had no idea where the other parent resided or even where to begin. 

The caseworker instructed that the more personally identifiable information (PII), (such as social security number, names of noncustodial parent’s friends, employers, etc., child’s birth certificate), she could obtain on the other parent, the easier it would be to assist in their investigation. The caseworker instructed Alyssa to apply for wage garnishment of the other parent, the court told her she’d need the SSN in order for the employer to identify the appropriate person, unfortunately, she had no way of obtaining the SSN through any prior tax documents since they were never married or filed jointly. 

Alyssa was trying to make ends meet and the other parent needed to see his financial obligations through. Unfortunately, this type of scenario has often led to the custodial parent doing all the research to find the other parent. Alyssa couldn’t afford an attorney or private investigator, charging high hourly rates. That’s where IntelHawk came in! She was able to do an Internet search and identified many others going through a similar situation that had highly recommended IntelHawk. Alyssa then conducted a “Find SSN” search on IntelHawkPI. After the interview and verification process with one of IntelHawk’s licensed investigators for permissible purpose confirmation, she was able to obtain the noncustodial parent’s SSN. Once she received the information, she was able to successfully obtain a court ordered wage garnishment for child support payments. Alyssa is now receiving ALL the payments for the child support she deserves and all it cost her was a small $49, one- time free. 

This success story is one of the many that we have at IntelHawk. We love sharing these stories because it perfectly encompasses our mission: to provide high quality investigative services to individuals at a fair price.

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