When Is Obtaining An SSN Legal?

You may be wondering if it’s legal to obtain someone’s SSN, especially from an online service. Well, the answer in many cases is, it depends. 

There are a wide-variety of lawful reasons to obtain someone’s social security number. IntelHawk respects individuals privacy and thus conducts a thorough investigation to ensure that a permissible purpose exists. 

Below are some of the reasons to obtain someone’s SSN: 

  1. You need to send someone a 1099 form for tax purposes. If you turn in 1099 to the IRS without your contracted employee’s SSN on it, it’s technically an incorrect 1099 form. This could open you open to penalties and questions from the IRS. Each incorrect 1099 that doesn’t include the SSN could cost you up to $50. Instead, you could utilize our services and submit your 1099s that are completed in their entirety. 
  2. For child support purposes If your ex is not paying the child support to you that you are owed and your other methods to get him to pay don’t seem to be working, wage garnishment could be a viable option. You are well within your legal rights to obtain your ex’s social security number in order to assist you wish wage garnishments or to recover civil judgments or debts owed to you. An SSN is required in order to take it to court and request wage garnishment order. 
  3. You need to show if someone is active military. If you need to verify whether someone is active in the military in order to appear in court (foreclosure notices going unanswered, subpoenas, etc). 
  4. Work in a civil or criminal investigation, and the social security number is NECESSARY to your investigation (i.e. bringing criminal charges against an individual, suspect identification). If you are pursuing criminal or civil litigation and the SSN is necessary in order or you to pursue your case, this is a permissible purpose to obtain an SSN (proof will be required). 
  5. Work involving official government business. 
  6. Work involving identity fraud or fraud investigation cases (need to prove identity theft cases, validate social security numbers). 
In addition, we have outlined some frequently asked questions relating to finding a social security number below: 

Q: Is this search a confidential search? 
A: Yes. Your subject will never know you conducted a search on them. 

Q: I don’t remember my own SSN. Can I obtain it on your website? 
A: Unfortunately not. Obtaining your own SSN is not a permissible purpose. Additionally, we cannot find an SSN of the child. You will need to contact the Social Security Administration. 

Q: Can I obtain the Social Security Number of a prospective employee? 
A: No. The SSN will need to be supplied by the prospective employee. 

If any of these permissible purposes apply to you, find a reputable company to conduct your SSN search. At IntelHawk, we’re here to help. our licensed investigators are dedicated to serving you and are available for questions along the way.

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