Why Should I Conduct An Employee Background Check?

Employment screenings can be conducted with varying levels of depth. Typically, those who run employee background checks are seeking to obtain an overview of information related to that potential employee. The verification of work and Employment History Online are conducted to verify an applicant’s job title and tenure. Employment History Online checks are essential as it helps to identify any problem areas that a prospective employer should be made aware of. The core element of any employment screening process is the - Employee Background Search.

What should be included in an Employee Background Search?

  • SSN validation
  • Nationwide criminal records search
  • Complete address history
  • Civil records or bankruptcies

Employee background checks assist in providing employers with the information they need to make -important decisions regarding potential employees. We do the entire Employee Background Search and offer a comprehensive screening solution. We do all the research for you. Or in other words, Employee Background Search may be best described as application verification of an employee. Employment History Online Check is an essential element of a through a comprehensive background check.

With so many employee background check screening services available online, it might be difficult to select the right one for you, as some of them are stressful and expensive. It is extremely important to understand who is conducting the background check and what information they are actually able and authorized to obtain.

Many online background check services claim to offer “instant results” (such as Instant Checkmate, Truthfinder, etc.), however, companies that claim to offer “instant results” retrieve their data from inaccurate, public, outdated databases. They also provide limited and very general information, making it difficult for you to make an informed decision based on this information. These companies may also make claims that their software is utilized by law enforcement or private investigations firms, which is not true.

What are the alternatives?

Do your research and know who you are dealing with. A state licensed private investigator has access to non-public databases, accessed by only them. We at IntelHawk combine several variations of these non-public databases and are able to return all the information you need – giving you the peace of mind you need to run your business efficiently.

Oops! I didn’t take IntelHawkPI’s advice and hired someone I shouldn’t have. What can I do now?

Think about this, if you terminate the person in question now, it will cost you to terminate the employee now but there could be far worse repercussions. For example, retaining that employee could cost you more money in the long run from fraud committed or abuse of position. Run Employee Background Search to make sure you are making smart decisions.

Make the choice to not take the risk and do it right the first time. Trust that IntelHawk is on your side for employee background checks and know who you’re hiring from the start!

As always, IntelHawk Private Investigations offers results in less than 48 hours or your money back!

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