What should I consider before moving into a new neighborhood and how can a PI help with that?

Many people think about doing your typical “neighborhood” searches such as what schools are around, average home price, nearest grocery stores, etc. but it seems most people don’t do enough research on who is living in that neighborhood.

Why would I conduct a neighbor search?

Before making a purchase on a home, moving into a new apartment or renting a house, wouldn’t you like to know if your neighbors have a criminal history? This is especially important if you have children as their safety and your peace of mind are most important.

Where can I run a search to find out who my neighbors are?

We offer a Neighbors Search By Address service and intelhawkpi.com! 

I already checked the sex offender registry, isn't that enough?

People may research the sex offender registry prior to moving into a new area, but we take it a step further and know if any of your new neighbors have criminal records you may not know about. 

Is this search useful other than to find out if my neighbor has a criminal offense?

Yes! This search can even be useful outside of identifying criminal offenses. It will tell you what the neighbors names are so it can even help you make some new friends and get acclimated to your new environment. Wouldn’t it be cool to already know your neighbors names before meeting them?

Also, if you have suspicions about one of your neighbors and use our search to identify their name, you could then do your own searching online and be your own PI!

Where can I run a search to find out who my neighbors are?

We offer a Neighbors Search By Address service and intelhawkpi.com! 

What will this search tell me?

This search will identify who the neighbors are of the address you plug in and if a criminal record is found. 

If you want to gain more insight on the neighborhood you’re considering moving to before you make the move.

How much does it cost?

Only $29 with no subscriptions or hidden fees!

Check it out here: Neighbor Search by Address

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