Is It Possible To Look Up Someone’s Information If You Have Their License Plate Number?

This is a great question that many people have. It IS possible to plug in someone’s license plate number and obtain information such as the type of vehicle, year, make, and model of the vehicle as well as who the vehicle belongs to. There are many situations in which this information would be useful. 

Some examples include:

- Hit-and-run accidents

- Insurance investigations

- Suspicious vehicles

- Stolen vehicles

- Criminal Litigation

- Civil litigation

- Fraud investigations and more!

License Plate Search Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve outlined many frequently asked questions related to this topic below:

1. Is it legal to order a license plate search?

This is a common question. Many resources out there claim that only law enforcement is able to obtain this information, however, with a permissible purpose, it is perfectly legal for an individual to look up license plate information.

2. What information will I get if I run this search?

If you use a legitimate and credible resource, you’ll get details about the vehicle, including make, model, and year, as well as the vehicle registrant, their address (with the exception of California), and if there are any lien holders attached to the vehicle.

3. Is this information accurate and up to date?

Licensed investigators have access to non-governmental and governmental information (such as DMW records).

However, the recency of the governmental data differs from state to state. The good news is that as licensed investigators, we have access to a variety of non-governmental sources that will aid in our investigation. The benefit to utilizing a licensed investigator is that we have access to databases that non-licensed companies do not. Some states only provide governmental information up to a specified date, which is why it is key for you to review our "Coverage Areas" feature on the corresponding service page, prior to purchasing. The "Coverage Areas" page will provide specific information on how often the governmental and non-governmental data is updated in our database.

4. How long will this search take?

Typically only 1-2 hours, however, we guarantee results in less than 48 hours or your money back.

5. How much does it cost to have a license plate lookup done by a licensed investigator?

We only charge a low, one-time fee of $29, rather than roping you into costly subscriptions or hidden fees. 

6. Why should I use your service when there are other websites claiming they can offer instant results and free license plate searches?

If you utilize resources that promise "immediate" or "free" license plate results, there’s no guarantee that you will get accurate information. DMV records are only accessible to law enforcement and licensed investigators. Don’t be fooled by false promises of “instant results”. Many of these companies scan the web and retrieve out of date public information, whereas licensed investigators search the records by hand, utilizing a variety of non-public databases. 

Some of these websites even openly admit that their data is outdated. For example, if you look at, their terms and conditions indicate “You agree and understand that the availability of a search report does not necessarily mean that the report will yield correct results, relevant results, or any results at all.” 

Many of these websites prey on the fact that consumers know very little information about the license plate industry and are hoping that you won't know the difference.

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