How To Find A Social Security Number for 1099 Purposes

Having many contract employees can be very beneficial throughout the year, but a headache during tax time. As opposed to W-2 employees who give their SSN to their employer upon hiring, contract employees may not be willing to provide you with their SSN come tax time.

The issue with this is that if an employer does not have social security numbers for all employees, W-2 employees and contractors alike, the employer could get penalized with the IRS and they could impose large fines. Also, not having a contractor’s SSN for 1099 purposes does not give the employer leeway or allow them to file late taxes. 

Have you found yourself in this situation? Let our team of expert private investigators help! 

IntelHawk Private Investigations is a licensed private investigations firm with access to non-public databases that allow us to retrieve information. 

If you’re an employer who needs an employee’s Social Security number for tax purposes, you’re legally entitled to search for it.  As long as you turn to a licensed expert (like us), your search is legal.

Visit our SSN Search page to get started and let us help you avoid receiving IRS tax penalties for not having all the information you need. 

All we need to get started is the employee’s name, last known address and approximate age. Also, if we cannot locate any records matching your subject, we will refund your full purchase price.

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IntelHawk Private Investigations Offers Money Back...

You heard right! IntelHawk Private Investigations is SO confident that we can get your investigation done in less than 48 hours, that we offer a money back guarantee! This means, if you supply us with the necessary information in order to conduct your investigation and we do not deliver the information to you in 48 hours or less, we will purchase price! Please read our full disclaimer about our mo...
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